Replacement Gutter System in Newport, RI by Gutter Pro

5 inch gutter installation newport

This old home in Newport, RI presented a lot of challenges to our gutter installation crew. The old wood gutter system was installed onto a notched rafter and then lined with copper to try to prolong the life of the gutter. It worked for a long time but once water got under the copper and was trapped the wood gutter …

Replacement of Wood Gutter and Rotted Fascia in Newport, RI by Gutter Pro

Seamless Gutter Installation Dartmouth

This home in Newport, RI was in desperate need of new gutters and fascia boards. Gutter Pro was more than capable of handling the removal of the old wood gutter and rotted trim. New Azek trim boards were installed with a Snaplock seamless gutter system and round corrugated downspouts to match the style of the home.

Commercial Gutters Installed on the Newport Beach Hotel and Suites-Newport, RI

When the the Newport Beach Hotel and Suites started the major renovation and addition to their new luxury beachfront hotel in Middletown, RI. , they meticulously restored the gambrel-style historic hotel building and added an award-winning contemporary shingle addition. The building needed a larger gutter system due to the size of the roof area. The configuration of the building’s gables and parking garage …