Gutter Systems

Gutter Systems

Gutter Pro Enterprises manufactures and installs all types of gutters and downspouts

5” Seamless Gutters

Typically k-style which is the most common gutter in North America and has a rainwater capacity of 1.2 gallons per foot. They can be used in new installations or to replace existing damaged, leaking or improperly installed gutters. Its’ traditional style blends in well with almost all home designs. If properly cleaned and maintained it will provide many years of trouble free service. 5” open trough gutters are ideal for customers seeking a low cost, high quality gutter solution. They can be manufactured from aluminum, copper and steel.

6” Seamless Gutters

Have the same profile as 5” open trough gutters but are 1 inch wider which translates to 50% more water carrying capacity. Combine that with 3×4 downspouts and you’ve got a gutter system that can handle almost any rain storm. These gutters are an excellent choice for larger homes or roof areas with excessive run-off or shingle overhang. 6” open trough gutters are ideal for customers looking to handle more than the average amount of rain water. They can be manufactured from aluminum, copper and steel.

Half Round Gutters

Shaped like a “C”, these semicircular troughs are a natural fit on traditional homes. They have a front curled lip or bead that adds strength and rigidity to the system. Decorative brackets are used to add a unique look and to accommodate different fascia configurations. Hidden brackets are also available for a more streamlined appearance. Round smooth or round corrugated downspouts complete the look Half Round Gutters can be manufactured from aluminum, copper and steel.

Wood Gutters

Wood Gutters were the standard on homes close to 100 years ago, before the advent of the machinery and equipment necessary to mass produce metal and plastic gutter at a much lower cost. The majority were carved from fir or cedar into a 4×5 or 4×6 profile. Some were simple “V-trough” profile resting on a wooden bracket. Others were more custom profiled and decorative such as the “yankee profile” which was built into the roof and gave the appearance of molding from below. Wood Gutters are still available for those who are purists at heart and for homeowners tackling renovations of historical homes.

Fiberglass Gutters

Fiberglass Gutters are the latest revolution if the guttering industry. Manufactured by a process called pultrusion, fiberglass gutters are made to be an exact replication of the old wood gutter in 4×5 and 4×6. Custom fabrications are also possible in order to recreate the profile existing on historic homes.

DuoPro Gutters

DuoPro Gutters are manufactured on-site from one seamless piece of aluminum. The DuoPro dual screen continuous hanging system is added to give unmatched strength to the system and prevent clogging for leaves, twigs and even pine needles. This system comes with a 35 year no-clog warranty. If the interior of the gutter ever clogs with wind blown debris, Gutter Pro Enterprises will clean the system free of charge.


Downspout, waterspout, downpipe, drain spout, roof drain pipe, leader are all terms people use when describing the pipe that transfers the water from a gutter system down to the ground. They can be made of PVC, plastic, aluminum, copper or steel. Various profiles such as round, square, rectangular in both smooth and corrugated are available in multiple sizes to meet each projects drainage needs.