Copper Gutter vs Aluminum Gutter

Seamless Copper Gutter and Copper Downspout

Copper gutter and aluminum gutter are two popular types gutters and each have their own unique set of pros and cons. Aluminum gutters are the most common in New England while Copper Gutter are popular on high end coastal homes. Ultimately, the choice between copper and aluminum gutters will depend on personal preferences, budget, and the specific needs of each …

Copper Gutter Installation in Chatham, MA!

Check out this gorgeous home in Chatham, MA with new copper gutters installed. Adding copper gutters to this home really adds elegance and fits perfectly with the design of this unique beach house down in the Cape. 

Beautiful Copper Gutter Installation in Weston, MA

Copper gutters add the perfect artistic touch to this beautiful home in Weston, MA. Low maintenance and extremely durable, copper is definitely a great choice when considering a guttering project.  

Half-Round Copper Installation in Chatham, MA

Why do some homeowners choose Copper for their gutter system? Well, for many reasons! First and foremost, Copper is extremely durable – it will hold it’s value through various weather conditions. Copper adds instant appeal to your home and is also eco-friendly! GutterPro installed Half-Round Copper Gutters with Stamped Brackets and Round 3” Copper Downspouts on this home in Chatham, MA. 

Seamless Copper Gutter Installation in Scituate, MA

copper seamless gutter installationscituate

Copper Gutter is a popular choice for homes built in coastal communities because of corrosion caused by salt in the ocean air. Typical Seamless Aluminum Gutter are prone to premature corrosion and pitting when exposed to these types of environments. The owners of this home wanted to make sure the system would perform trouble free for the life of the …

Copper Gutters Installed by Gutter Pro on Morris Island in Chatham, MA

Fellman Brothers Building Contractors built this custom home on Morris Island in Chatham, MA. Gutter Pro installed 20 oz half round copper gutter with shank and circle hangers on cast brass wedges. 2×3 square smooth copper downspout with custom fabricated and soldered elbows were drained onto concrete splash blocks.