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When you’ve had enough of dragging out the ladder every time the gutters stop functioning the way they should, you most likely start researching leaf protection. Do you need leaf guards, gutter guard, leaf screen, gutter cover? With so many products out there at all different price points, how can anyone make an educated decision on what product will best serve their needs – and work as advertised on their home?

GutterPro has installed millions of feet of gutter in Massachusetts and Rhode Island over the last 40+ years. Along the way, we have seen many products come and go from the marketplace. The major separation between the leaf protection products is that some are guaranteed and some are not.

Duo Pro is our Guaranteed, No-Clog Gutter System that was added to our product line in 2020.  The DuoPro Brand System revolutionized the industry by providing a dual filtration continuous hanging system for residential and light commercial applications with a 35 Year Clog-Free Guarantee against leaves and debris INCLUDING PINE NEEDLES.

Dual filtration gutter screen

Leaf Relief is our add-on leaf protection product that effectively minimizes the need to clean debris from your existing gutters. This product offers an affordable solution to keep most debris from getting inside the gutters but may need occasional cleanings.

Add=On Leaf Relief Gutter Protection

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