Gutter Cleaning & MicroGuard


The Problem

Gutter Cleaning


  • Gutter Cleaning is the #1 cause for gutter malfunction
  • Overflow of muddy water onto the home seeps into walls.
  • Insect and mosquito infestation due to egg-laying bugs in the gutters.
  • Foundation erosion and cracking, water pooling on the ground ruins landscapes.
  • Rotted fascia and soffits, rotted attic rafter tails.
  • Gutters sag and pull away from fascia due to water weight.
  • Decks rot from cascading & pooling water, brick and concrete walkways break apart from water damage.
  • Basement leaks and mold/mildew develops.
  • Ice dams form under roofing shingles to damage roof systems.


The GutterPro Solution

Englert MicroGuard Leaf Protection


Simple as 1-2-3!


  • We begin with a thorough gutter cleaning of the entire system, inside and out.
  • Next we make certain that the drain-pipes (downspouts) are free-flowing & clear of all debris.
  • Once we are satisfied with the entire gutter system being clean and clear, we install our MicroGuard cover that will drink-in the rain water while minimizing any debris from entering the system again.






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