Trim Replacement and Prep


Gutter Pro, your “One Stop Gutter Shop,” is equipped to handle almost any job, no matter what the challenge is. We can work with your current siding or roofing contractor to ensure any potential issues that may affect the installation of your new gutters are avoided before the work is done. If you don’t currently have a contractor working on your project, Gutter Pro can handle the carpentry work needed prior to installation of your new gutter system. Preparation is everything, and Gutter Pro’s experts understand what it takes to repair and/or replace rotted trim and help protect your home from water damage for years to come. 

Full trim replacement is available in pre-primed exterior pine as well as Versatex solid vinyl trim. Although Versatex has a higher initial cost, it is the permanent solution to trim work and is the number one choice for homeowners and professionals seeking unmatched quality. Versatex solid vinyl trim will never rot. It comes in white, but can easily be painted to match your existing trim.

A full trim replacement using exterior pre-primed pine is a less expensive, but similarly attractive way to enhance the look of your home’s trim. To eliminate the need to paint, existing wood or new pine can be covered in aluminum, but we also have a variety of paint colors available to match your existing trim.

Gutter fascia installation and full trim replacement can help keep your home looking fresh.

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