Snaplock Seamless Gutter

SnapLock Gutter System Installation

No Holes, No Rot, No Damage. Built to last a lifetime!!!

The SnapLock Gutter System® Eliminates Failures Due To Water Damage typically associated with conventional gutter installations. SnapLock’s innovative “No-Holes Technology” uses no spikes or nails for attachment to your roof line. There is absolutely nothing that penetrates the front or back of the gutter! The result is a Water-Tight Mating of the gutter at the edge of your roof – a seal that Prevents Seepage, Rust, Rot and Mold. Additionally, because the integrity of your gutter channel is not riddled with holes – the SnapLock Gutter System dramatically outlasts traditional rain gutters while Protecting Your Home Against The Hazards Associated With Bacterial Mold And Fungus.  In plain-English, it simply Outperforms All Other Gutter Systems!  

No More Rot and Mold

SnapLock creates a water tight seal by not penetrating the back of the gutter, further protecting your home from water damage associated with conventional gutter installation.

No More Sagging Gutters

Product Testing Inc. performed an independent test of the SnapLock Gutter System® and found that the load capacity when using the SnapLock Gutter System® was 11.3 times or 1130% greater than that of 5" gutters at full capacity and 7.6 times or 760% greater than that of 6" gutters at full capacity. These tests prove that the SnapLock system will not only handle the weight of a gutter full of water, but it can also take on heavy gutter loads caused by ice and snow.

No More Gutter Separation

Truly seamless and water tight installation of you gutter system ensures that the gutters will remain attached to the home

Additional Benefits

Another problem long associated with gutters is the fact that they are installed right up against the fascia board.  This tends to hold moisture behind the gutter and contributes to fascia rot as well as the growth of mold behind or under the gutters.  The SnapLock Bracket is designed to “push” the gutter away from the fascia about 1/4″ and allows air to get behind the gutter.  This “ventilation” will keep the fascia dry and eliminate mold and mildew growth, which need moisture to survive.  In addition to having a healthier environment for your family it just looks 100% better than the alternative.

Getting Bids?  Ask your contractor if he plans on penetrating the back wall of the gutter system during installation.  If the answer is yes it’s not SnapLock.

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