DuoPro Microfiltration Continuous Gutter Hanging System


GutterPro’s #1 Choice In Leaf Protection Gutter Systems

If you’re fed-up with worrying about gutter clogs or climbing ladders to clean them out, you need to know about DuoPro Microfiltration Continuous Gutter Hanging System. DuoPro by PlyGem is the only patented Microfiltration Gutter cover that acts as a continuous hanging system AND protects against clogging in our seamless gutter systems.  

DuoPro by PlyGem is the original and only continuous gutter hangers, with two layers of protection that effectively prevents all types of debris such as leaves, twigs, acorns and even pine needles from entering an clogging the gutter. Once combined with one of Gutter Pro’s custom manufactured seamless gutter systems, DuoPro’s microfiltering continuous hanger keeps rainwater running freely and safely away from your home each and every time it rains.  Contact us to find out for yourself why gutters installed with DuoPro are the Lifetime Gutter Solution!


Outstanding Leaf Protection

DuoPro is a patented dual layer membrane that keeps leaves, pine needles and other wind blown debris out of the gutters without interfering with your home's roof shingles. Unlike other so-called Leaf Filtration products that have holes too large to protect against smaller debris or Micro Screen products that easily become blocked from shingle oils, pollen, moss or tree sap, DuoPro's dual layer protection has offset holes strategically arranged to only allow debris into the gutter that can flush out of the gutter without clogging.

Built to Last

DuoPro Microfiltration is not just gutter protection but a continuous hanging system. Typical gutter hangers are spaced every 16 or 24 inches which leaves them vulnerable to denting and sagging in between the hangers. Gutters in New England are also exposed to tremendous weight from ice and snow which can cause further sagging and distortion. DuoPro reinforces the entire length of gutter from one end to the other which will keep your gutter securely on your home more securely than any other gutter installation available.

Guaranteed Protection

Duo Pro's Microfiltration effectively keeps pine needles, pine straw, leaves, twigs, acorns and all other tree debris out of your gutters. The interior of your DuoPro Gutters are guaranteed not to clog with debris for 35 years. DuoPro's continuous hanger is the strongest and most secure hanging system on the market for seamless gutters. Gutter Pro also guarantees DuoPro Gutters will not to separate from your home due to ice and snow

Gutter Microfilter Continuous Hanger





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